Show Credits



Nalia Perez as Pinduli 

Kayla Mari Del Rosario as Mama Hyena

Darby Frank as Dog 

Lyric Hayes as Zebra 

Francisco Whitman as Lion 

Ian Nededog as Owl 

Isai Johnson as Fenec Fox 

Arvid Ko as Vulture 

Alexander Ko as Adder 

Ellie Diaz as Stork 

Alice Burkhardt as Serval Cat


Thoren Johnson as Verdi

Charnelle Charly as Mama Snake 

Ina Serafico as Umbles

Jade Diaz as Aggie 

Dylan Maria Cruz as Ribbon

Alexander Ko as Dozer 

Genesis Walker as Fish 

Aden Ali Denis as Gold Snake 1

Hayden Julien as Gold Snake 2


Mae-Lin Dacanay as Stellaluna

Stephanie Taimanglo as Pip 

Eusebia Flores as Mama Bat 

Ian Nededog as Owl 

Xoie-Jayd Miller as Flitter

Miranda Morato as Flap 

Mikaela Harrington as Mama Bird


Troy McVey

CJ Ochoco

James Lee Aevermann

Producing Support / Sound Engineer
Jerome Ocampo

Producing Support
Hannah Elmore

Assistant Camp Director
Ean Taijeron

Assistant Camp Director / Stage Manager
Jayna Shoda Meyer

Youth Supervisor / Health and Safety Officer
Ånna Prelosky

Music Director

Rachel Yasutake

Costume Designer

Marc Marcos

Set & Props Designer
A.U. Miranda

Lighting Designer / Light Board Op
Derek Smith

Sound Designer / Sound Board Op
Alexandra Castro

Set and Lights Consultant
Christian Jay Santiago

Coach  / Assistant Stage Manager / Lighting Assistant
Anya Alvarez

Coach  / Assistant Music Director
Kayla Mari Del Rosario

Coach  / Choreographer Assistant
Genesis D. Walker

Costume Construction Assistant
Xavier Bryce

Set Construction Assistant
Jeffrey Morales

Maria Egurrola

Makeup Artists
Gleannie Pere
Hunter Orland
Madison Orland

Backstage Crew 

Jayna Shoda Meyer
Anya Alvarez
Ean Taijeron
Genesis Walker
Kayla Mari Del Rosario
Ånna Prelosky
Francisco Whitman

Front of House Manager
Serf Mannaky

Front of House Crew
Rayah Julian, Jovelle Alcantara

BWTC Season Staff

Marketing Director
Ruzelle Almonds

Marketing Assistant
Noelle Guinto

Graphic Designer / Show Photographer

Assistant Graphic Designer


Breaking Wave Board of Directors 

CJ Ochoco, James Aevermann, Jerome Ocampo, Hannah Elmore, and Joyce Torres

Stellaluna and Other Tales is presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing, LLC. (

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