Hinenggen Antigu Siha (Ancient Beliefs)
by Peter R. Onedera

Directed by Troy McVey

Offers critical examination of Guam’s history, with commentary from both male and female points of view, intertwining different modes of storytelling and dramatic conventions across two acts

Cast of Characters

MATAPANG - Shannon Dean San Nicolas


MAGA - Randy Crisostomo

PATTERA - Shannon Dean San Nicolas

PESKADORA - Kayla Mari Del Rosario

LABANDERA - A.U. Miranda

TECHA - Athena C.G. Meno

SURUHÅNA - Ean Taijeron

Peter R. Onedera

Peter R. Onedera is a teacher, playwright, writer, poet, lecturer, columnist, literary activist, and a storyteller.  He wrote plays that focused on the indigenous depiction of historical accounts, legends, myths, abuse, drugs, pastimes,  bullying, politics, gender, illness, acts of nature, elderly, war experiences and cultural issues.  In addition, he shared them as stories and incorporated all aspects of the art form with collaborations with others in talk story.  He has utilized natural settings such as the deep jungle, remote sea shores from north to the southern tip of the island, in villages, back yards, classrooms, roof tops, at Mr. Lamlam, garages, society homes, parks, fiestas, conferences, meetings, social events and even in political meetings both during daylight, night time, and the wee hours of the morning.   He has utilized live animals, children, puppets, costumes, instrumentation and music, both on and off-stage.  He writes, reads, recites, and performs in CHamoru or English as well as Engles Da CHamoru Way (CHåt) and in bilingual format.  There is a great deal of literacy at work in the art form of theater and talk story.  He has staged his work in the mainland in cities such as Carson City, San Diego, Long Beach, Boise and Honolulu, as well as in the CNMI, Bremen, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong King, and at the Festival of the Pacific Arts throughout Oceania.