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Breaking Wave Theatre Company is 501(c)(3) nonprofit theatre company that aims to affect positive change in our community through theatre and the arts. All donations will go to supporting our work in the community.

Current Projects

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Unspoken; Nashville

Breaking Wave Theatre Company (BWTC), rooted on the island of Guam, is continuing its efforts to make waves beyond our shores with "Unspoken; Nashville." We are so excited to be collaborating with API Mid TN, a Tennessee based nonprofit organization that is working towards racial justice by building API (Asian and Pacific Islander) community, lifting API voices, and celebrating API identities. 

Since its inception, BWTC's mission has been to affect positive change in our community through theatre and the arts. In 2019, we created "Unspoken" as a safe space to talk about mental health, suicide prevention, and substance abuse. These collections of powerful and important original works showed us the deep need to continue having these conversations, but more importantly the value of creating this safe space in as many places as we can. This series has allowed us to work with so many creatives of every skill level and from many places around the world. After three years of "Unspoken" on Guam, we can't wait to bring this work to Nashville. 

We are currently looking for a collective of writers (18 and up) in Davidson County and the Middle Tennessee area to participate in a series of writing workshops that will focus on Asian and Pacific Islander voices in relation to mental health. There is no previous writing experience required as these workshops are designed to give folks tools to help translate their lived experience into some form of artful expression. Writers would have access to six workshops and an opportunity to showcase their work in a staged reading May 11 to celebrate API Heritage Month with API Mid TN. 

To our Guam family - we are thrilled to share that "Unspoken" will be returning to Guam in 2025, so look out for opportunities to join us in developing works later this year! 

Our writers callout is now closed. Stay tuned for information on our staged reading this May!                                                                                        

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A Midwinter Night's Gala

Thank you to everyone who supported our gala!


Breaking Wave Theatre Company (BWTC) and the UOG Theatre proudly presented the staged reading Hita Mane’estoria: We Are Storytellers, a new play written by 5 CHamoru writers based in Guam and the diaspora. Inspired by interviews with elders in the writers’ families, this collection of five intergenerational stories explores stories from the lives of manåmko’ told through the perspective of their children and grandchildren. 

The play Hita Mane’estoria is a result of BWTC’s Oral Storytelling Project, which began in 2022 and included a series of workshops for writers to develop stories from their elders into stage plays. One of the project’s main goals was to be able to create work for and by the indigenous community of Guam, inspired by the island’s manåmko’ and history of oral storytelling.

Summer Theatre Camp

Breaking Wave Theatre Company (BWTC) proudly presented Stellaluna and Other Tales, with book and lyrics by Allyn Cardarelli and Music by Steve Goers, a production put together by the participants of our Summer Theatre Camp. 

Stellaluna and Other Tales is a production that featured the skills and work of the campers, from the front of the stage to behind it. 

We are Here for You

Some of our work focuses on exploring serious issues relating to mental health, substance abuse, and more. We understand that the feelings brought upon through this exploration may not always end after the curtain closes. If you are looking for support and healing surrounding your experiences, reach out to 988.