Meet the Team


Curtis J. Jewell

Curtis J. Jewell is a PhD student and CHamoru scholar. Part of the Guzman and Bachete families, Curtis's work centers decolonization, as well as Indigenous and Feminist Rhetorics. For Curtis, storytelling is the key to connecting our history and future.

Edward Acfalle Jr.


Edward Acfalle Jr. has a BA in English Literature Emphasis at the University of Guam. He is affiliated with the UOG Press Writing Group Mañe'lon i Mantitige', the Aquifer Writing Group, and Guma' Gela'. Edward seeks to write works of poetry, short stories, and other forms of Literature that speak of the CHamoru and/or Queer experience. He aspires to be a teacher and published author. 


Jayna Lizama

Jayna Lizama Borja (she/they/them) is a queer CHamoru daughter and community member currently residing in Patwin lands, in so-called Davis, California. Born and raised in Guåhan, she has also lived with family in Hawai’i and San Diego. Guiding much of their work, Jayna is transparent about the complicatedness of frequently moving as a CHamoru person and being the eldest sibling. She receives inspiration (healing) from this movement through connecting with loved ones, family stories/ancestral memory, and making sense of diaspora/changing relationships. 

Jayna is currently a student at UC Davis interested in CHamoru storytelling through diaspora meaning-making and queerness. She has enjoyed learning alongside amazing CHamoru writers with loving community at Breaking Wave. 

She hopes to create more love letters. 


Joni Aguon Lee

Joni Aguon Lee, mother, teacher, runner, writer. While this may be her debut in the public eye, it's undoubtedly just the beginning of her journey. She currently serves as an educator at Santa Barbara Catholic School, specializing in 5th and 6th-grade Language Arts. Her unwavering passion for writing radiates through her teaching. When embarking on writing assignments, she motivates her students with the simple directive, "I want your thoughts on paper!" Joni takes the time to remind her students that writing transcends the confines of grammar and mechanics—it encompasses thoughts, imagination, experiences, hopes, and dreams, all unleashed in a literal brainstorm. Joni's aspiration is to instill in her students the belief that their words wield power and significance—they themselves matter. 


Mia Alvarez

Mia's love for the theatre started at a young age and has only grown since. She has dabbled in both the acting and production aspects of theatre, both locally and internationally. Mia joined BWTC in 2019, with her first production with them being "Unspoken." This is her fifth production with BWTC and her debut as a playwright. She is a University of Guam alumnus and is currently working on her Masters in English. Mia hopes to encourage the growth of the arts locally and to grow as an artist herself.


Kristian Jaie Castro

Kristian Jaie Castro is a sophomore student at the University of Guam pursuing an undergraduate degree in Theatre. He is fairly new in the field and has worked as backstage crew for “Pride and Prejudice” and will be performing his first ever role as Stage Directions Reader for “Hita Mane’estoria: We Are Storytellers.” He will also work as an Assistant Stage Manager for “Next to Normal.” He hopes to continue his field and to aim higher for more roles both on-stage and behind the scenes. 


Nico Tupas

Nico's interest in theatre started in 2017 when he watched UOG's production of "The Crucible." Since then, Nico has had his hand back stage for several productions assisting in lighting design and construction for UOG theatre and as the assistant graphic designer for BWTC. More recently, he has shifted his attention towards acting amd his artwork. He has grown to love all of his experiences and friends that were made through theatre. He aims to grow with each production that he takes part in and is eager for what the future has in store.


Nicolas Quinata

Nicolas Quinata is an actor, chef, and content creater. He recently played Mr. Quidichai in BWTC and UOG Theatre's production of "Astaki I Temo". He is very proud of this show and is happy to help bring these local works to life.


Rayanna Guzman

Some crazy kid who wishes to do theatre full time but knows its not enough - yet - to pay the bills. For now, she is content with being part of any production which holds special meaning to her.

Rayanna also wishes to be a beach bum. So, if you find a magic genie willing to grant these wishes for free, send it her way. Thanks! 


Shauna Morato

Shauna Morato is a University of Guam junior currently working towards their BA in psychology with a passion for painting, cooking and food, makeup, and Tetris. Previously just a supporter from the sidelines, this is their first time participating and performing in a BWTC or UOG production. As a long time lover of art in all forms and born and raised Chamorro/Filipino, she hopes to honor the importance and beauty of stories from indigenous artists and writers.


Sophie Nochefranca

Sophie likes a play on words.

IG: @sophie._.nishishi

Project Producer, Director, Staged Reading Director

Jayna Shoda Meyer

Jayna Shoda Meyer (she/her/hers) is a performer, director, writer, and recent graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts and a minor in Arts Leadership.  Born and raised in Southern California, she is a diasporic Chamorro/CHamoru with family in Saipan and Guåhan. A lover of new works and collaborative creation processes, Jayna aims to build community through her work and to shed light on stories that are not always told. She has previously worked with Breaking Wave as Assistant Director of the 2023 Youth Summer Camp and a director for Podcast Plays - Legends of Guåhan.

Directing credits: Legends of Guåhan Episode 3 - Director (BWTC), HALF by Valyn Lyric Turner - Director (Boston University), Once the Musical - Assistant Director (Boston University). Acting Credits: El Nogalar by Tanya Saracho (Boston University), The Corruption of Morgana Pendragon by McKayla Witt (World Premiere - Boston University), Patterns of Wind - Devised Work (World Premiere - Boston University).

Project Producer and Director

Joyce Torres

Joyce Torres is a storyteller, actorvist, and artist born and raised on the island of Guam. She has a BA in Fine Arts: Theatre with a minor in Political Science from the University of Guam (2014) and attended the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio Professional Conservatory Program (2018). Based in Los Angeles, Joyce is a Jill of many trades. When she’s not writing, directing, or exploring new ways to tell stories, Joyce is a vocalist and cajon player in "Friends With Instruments,” an all-girl acoustic island pop trio. In 2018, she premiered “Comfort,” a solo show honoring the life of Maria “Lola Rosa” Henson, the first Filipina to publicly talk about her time as a comfort woman during WWII. Joyce is an advocate for original works and enjoys creating spaces that encourage diversity, inclusivity and empathy. She believes the best theatre connects strangers, starts conversations, and provides opportunities to listen and heal. Some of her favorite roles have included: Vanda (Venus in Fur), Kendra (Gloria), and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth).

UOG Producer

Troy McVey

Troy McVey is a professor of theatre at the University of Guam.  He has designed dozens of productions and directed a handful of shows for UOG Theatre.  Some of his favorites include designing scenery & lights for Jesus Christ Superstar, performing as Martin Gray in The Goat, Or Who is Sylvia? and directing the CHamoru Play Festival this past Spring.  He is the also the founder and director of the UOG Summer Theatre Camp, which ran for eleven years.  McVey is the recipient of the CLASS Excellence in Creative Activity and Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Innovative Teaching awards.  He has worked professionally at the La Jolla Playhouse, Trinity Repertory Company, Santa Fe Opera, and Washington Opera.  McVey holds a BFA in Theatre Arts from Drake University, an MFA in Theatre Design from Tulane University, and a Doctor of Education from the University of Southern California. 

BWTC Producer

CJ Ochoco

CJ Ochoco is a Guam-raised theatre creative who currently travels between Nashville, Guam, and everywhere in-between. She earned her BA in Fine Arts: Theatre from the University of Guam (2016), her Masters of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management through Colorado State University (2019), and her Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communications from the University of Maryland Global Campus (2023). CJ enjoys wearing many hats. While her first passion was stage management, she has found joy in producing, arts administration, playwriting, and even bass playing for Guam band “Friends with Instruments.” From the University of Guam Theatre to the Guam International Film Festival to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, CJ has been involved with various arts organizations. In 2018, she helped Breaking Wave Theatre Company, where she serves as the President and primary Producer for the company. CJ believes in the healing power of the arts, and she believes that healing can begin when everyone has the space and opportunity to share their stories. She aims to use her skills to create and elevate diverse storytelling, on stage and behind it. 

BWTC Producer

James Lee Aevermann

James Aevermann is an artist who has dabbled in many different mediums including writing, acting, building, and blacksmithing.  James' involvement with the theatre has been a hobby of his the past several years, with his involvement ranging from acting, writing, building sets, and designing props. He has had a hand in many UOG productions and has been involved with Breaking Wave Theatre Company since their first production, Tuesdays with Morrie. James recently completed a Master of Science in Forensic Biology from the University of the Southwest while remaining a part of BWTC and continuing his passion for the arts on Guam. He is also still a practicing blacksmith, striving to ensure that the art does not disappear from the Pacific.

Assistant Producer

Jerome Ocampo

Jerome graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts: Theatre. His work continues with the Breaking Wave Theatre Company as one of its founding board members. Focused on technical theatre, Jerome has experience in lighting, sets, prop management, with his primary interest in sound design. He has designed for several UOG and BWTC productions.

Assistant Producer, Zoom Workshop Reader, Makeup Support

Hannah Elmore

Hannah Elmore is an actor, director, and writer based on Guam. She holds a BA in Fine Arts: Theatre from the University of Guam. Hannah has been in various UOG productions including her most notable roles as Viola/Ceasario (Twelfth Night), Masha (Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike) and Honey (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) Hannah has been a member with Breaking Wave Theatre Company since their launch in 2018. She has had the privilege to serve the company in the capacities of Outreach Coordinator (21 Chump Street, Much Ado About Nothing) and Assistant Director (Unspoken Volume I, Volume III). Hannah recently played Beatrice in BWTC’s production of Much Ado About Nothing. Her favorite stories to write and direct are comedies because she believes that laughter is the best form of medicine and can truly feed the soul.

Stage Manager, Light Designer, Sound Designer

Derek Smith

Assistant Stage Manager

Xavier Bryce Pegarido Borja

Stating in 2018, Xavier has gone through the journey from the front of the stage to the back of the house. His goal is to have the best well-rounded education in the theatrical arts through hands-on experience in the many gears that turn the giant mechanism that makes the shows go round. Passions in acting, singing, art, and fashion, he wishes to make his path to many theatre districts around the mainland USA.

Marketing Director, Videographer

Ruzelle Almonds

Ruzelle Almonds is a Guåhan-grown filmmaker, with credits ranging from web series to feature length documentaries. She has spent many years supporting and creating spaces for current and aspiring filmmakers to produce their own content. Along with this, she is also a freelance digital marketing specialist who works primarily with non-profit organizations. Her primary career motivations are to elevate Guåhan’s language and culture, effect social change and provoke thoughtful conversations in Guåhan's community. 

Marketing Assistant

Noelle Guinto

Noelle Sulio Guinto directs, writes and edits. She is pursuing a BA in Communications at the University of Guam. Born and raised on Guam, her works are influenced by her environment, personal journey with mental health, sexuality, pop culture and the local goings-on. One day she hopes to direct and produce fun, thought-provoking music videos of her favorite songs, and write and direct a series about the intersectionality of queerness and indigeneity within modern American society.

Graphic Designer, Rehearsal Photographer

Steph Balagot

Steph found her love for the arts the first time she watched Vagina Monologues in 2012 at the University of Guam. She was deeply inspired by the women and their stunning performances that she auditioned and was cast as the next Angry Vagina in 2015. She loved the adrenaline and freedom she felt on stage that she decided to dive deeper into the world of theatre. She involved herself in shows as an actress in plays such as "The Laramie Project" or as an assistant stage manager for Molière's "Tartuffe" and "Seasons of Love: A Musical Showcase". In 2019, stage managed "21 Chump Street: The Musical" by Lin-Manuel Miranda, where they traveled to different schools around Guam to showcase the 14-minute mini-musical. She continues to try her hand at graphic designing. She continues to support the arts and offers a helping hand whenever one is needed. 

Assistant Graphic Designer


Joey Datuin is very excited to be a part of Breaking Wave Theatre Company yet again. Joey has been doing theatre since his college times and dipped into different aspects of theatre but acting was his passion. After graduating from the University of Guam in 2016 with a BA in Fine Arts Theatre, he has been part of BWTC since they started. Now as a retired actor, he has found his passion for graphic design and is now part of the graphics team for the company this season. For fun, Joey likes to create art whether its drawing or making music. His main goal in life is to live a prosperous and healthy life.



Mikhailla is a Fine Arts major at the University of Guam and a dual major in Marketing and Visual Communications at Guam Community College. Her favorite mediums at the moment are sculpture with clay and photography.

Zoom Stage Manager

Rheana Jade Ochoco

Rheana is a freshman at Arizona State University. She has been working with BWTC since she was a high school student at Notre Dame on Guam. Rheana has previously been a part of Unspoken, Much Ado About Nothing, and the Legends of Guahan Podcast Plays. She has been in theatre for a long time, and has been involved in productions with organizations like the UOG Theatre and G.A.T.E. Theatre.

Zoom Workshop Reader

Ean Taijeron

Ean graduated from the UOG Theatre program and was involved in various productions. He has directed Improv Shows, and he aspires to either teach or help create a greater presence of theatre on Guam. He hopes people of all ages, cultures, and interests can share the experience of bringing stories to life while learning more from ourselves, our community, and the process of making art.

Zoom Workshop Reader

Grace Keh Gonzaga

Grace Gonzaga is a theatre artist, born and raised on the island of Guam. She earned her B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Mathematics at Seattle University (2021). She has a great interest in all aspects of theatre, specifically design. She recently participated in Seattle University’s production of “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen – as an actor and costume crafts maker (Spring 2021), BWTC's production of "Much Ado About Nothing" by William Shakespeare as an assistant set/props designer (Spring 2022), and BWTC and TeAda's production of "Masters of the Currents" as production manager (Fall 2022). Through her work, she wants to showcase the different stories of people of color (particularly Asians and Pacific Islanders) and work towards more representation of those people onstage. She hopes to create an inviting stage for everyone’s voices to be heard. 

Grace hopes that you enjoy the show!

Zoom Workshop Reader

Michelle C. Blas

Michelle is just a simple Island girl, Guam born and bred. Lover of theater, practitioner of theater when she has the honor and opportunity to participate. Mother of two unique souls, wife and teacher, hoping her presence, love, and attempts at authenticity in her connections helps this planet and the creatures on it. A God Sovereign Free soul traveling through the cosmos. I am that, I am. There is more, but what precedes is what truly matters. 

Zoom Workshop Reader

Shannon Sasamoto

Shannon Tudela Sasamoto is a recent graduate from the Northern Marianas College and former Miss Northern Marianas from the island of Saipan. She recently acted in the Chamorro children’s show Island Time starring as Fu’una, a young girl reconnecting with her culture and learning the Chamorro language. Shannon is also an emerging fashion designer who creates pieces inspired by the Marianas and weaves accessories such as hats, bags, and baskets from coconut leaves. Her inspiration and drive to become a designer stemmed from her grandmothers, who sewed and tailored clothing for their children and grandchildren. She is currently an advisor for a 4-H Marianas program called Clover Designs which focuses on fashion design, sewing, and modeling in order to expand opportunities for the youth in the Northern Marianas.