Meet the Team


CJ Ochoco


CJ Ochoco is a Guam-raised theatre creative who is currently based in Nashville. She earned her BA in Fine Arts: Theatre from the University of Guam (2016) and her Masters of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management through Colorado State University (2019). CJ enjoys wearing many hats. While her first passion was stage management, she has found joy in producing, arts administration, playwriting, and even bass playing for Guam band “Friends with Instruments.” From the University of Guam Theatre to the Guam International Film Festival to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, CJ has been involved with various arts organizations. In 2018, she helped found a nonprofit on Guam, Breaking Wave Theatre Company, where she serves as the President and primary Producer for the company. CJ believes in the healing power of the arts, and she believes that healing can begin when everyone has the space and opportunity to share their stories. She aims to use her skills to create and elevate diverse storytelling, on stage and behind it.

Assistant Producer, Set & Props Designer

James Lee Aevermann


James Aevermann is an artist who has dabbled in many different mediums including writing, acting, building, and blacksmithing. James' involvement with the theatre has been a hobby of his the past several years, with his involvement ranging from acting, writing, building sets, and designing props. He has had a hand in many UOG productions and has been involved with Breaking Wave Theatre Company since their first production, Tuesdays with Morrie. James recently completed a Master of Science in Forensic Biology from the University of the Southwest while remaining a part of BWTC and continuing his passion for the arts on Guam. He is also still a practicing blacksmith, striving to ensure that the art does not disappear from the Pacific.


Madison McKenzie Scott


Education: UNC School of the Arts, BA Dramatic Art and BA Global Studies (Middle East) from UNC Chapel Hill, MFA Acting UC-Irvine. Apprenticeship with Great River Shakespeare Festival. Beloved credits include Elinor (Sense and Sensibility, Island Shakespeare Festival), Helena (A Midsummer Night's Dream, Island Shakespeare Festival), Eleanor/Elizabeth (Henry VI, Great River Shakespeare Festival), Queen Margaret (Henry VI, UNC Chapel Hill), Lady Macbeth (UC-Irvine), and the Captain (Woyzeck, UC-Irvine). Madison writes for Guam PDN, teaches acting at UOG, and drama and coding for Dear Tree Learning Center. Big believer in blooming where you're planted. Gratitude and love to Field, for everything. This is Madison's first director credit.



Ean Taijeron

Ean graduated from the UOG Theatre program and was involved in various productions. He has directed Improv Shows, and he aspires to either teach or live in theatre. He was excited to help spread awareness about Mental Health and creating a space for the youth to express their issues and to encourage the dialogue about Mental Health and people with Mental Illness.

Production Stage Manager

Mia Alvarez


Mia's love for the theatre started at a young age and has only grown since. She has dabbled in both the acting and production aspects of theatre, both locally and internationally. Mia joined BWTC in 2019, with her first production with them being Unspoken. This is her fourth show with BWTC and her second as a Stage Manager. She is currently a University of Guam student, planning to major in English and minor in Writing. Mia hopes to encourage the growth of the arts locally and to grow as an artist herself.

Instagram: @miaabeee

Assistant Stage Manager

Mary Jovelle Alcantra


Mary Jovelle Alcantara is a Graduating Senior at the University of Guam. She is currently pursuing a degree in business with a concentration in International Tourism and Hotel Management and minoring in Fine Arts: Music. Jovelle is also a current member of the University Singers called the Latte Tones. She has joined many musical productions under the direction of Ernest Ochoco, such as 2016 Little Mermaid (Ursula), 2018 Cinderella (Step-sister, Grace), and 2019 Mamma Mia (Auntie Rosie). In Jovelle’s free time, she plays tennis or volleyball, goes paddleboarding on Sunday mornings, travels, shopping, and loves to sing.

Taking a step back from the stage, her curiosity has led her to experience the hard work that goes into making a successful production. Jovelle believes that people who use their creativity to express themselves are happier and have a more balanced life. She wishes to one day be able to share her artistic abilities and ideas with others to inspire them. A little fun fact about Jovelle is that her family owns Marjo’s Delight and they make the best siopao on the island.

Health & Safety Manager, Set Building Crew, Understudy

Samuel L. Cabatic


Samuel Cabatic is a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate from the University of Guam. Despite this, he has a passion for music and theatre. He has participated in many plays from UOG such as the Tempest, Proof, and several student directed One Acts as well as helping backstage with Breaking Wave and in their improv groups.

CHamoru Translator

Rayanna Guzman


A UOG Theatre student who wishes to do theatre full time but knows its not enough - yet - to pay the bills. For now, she is content with being part of any production which holds special meaning to her.

Rayanna, also wishes to be a beach bum. So, if you find a magic genie willing to grant these wishes for free, send it her way. Thanks!


Robin Berl


Robin Berl is so excited for this performance and modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing! She is thankful to be part of this production as dramaturg. Robin has previously worked with BWTC as a Youth Workshop Facilitator and as a playwright for Unspoken, Volume III: Reaching Across and the upcoming Podcast Plays. Her plays have received readings or productions with Asian Pasifika Arts Collective and the Strand Theater Company, MD; Winding Road Theater Ensemble, AZ; Spooky Action Theater, Washington D.C; Breaking Wave Theatre Company, Guam; Sandy Spring Theatre Group, MD. She was recently part of Company One Theatre’s C1 Volt Lab. Her writing appears in The PlayGround Experiment Faces of America Monologue Festival Anthology #3. Robin graduated from University of Delaware with BAs in both English Literature and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. She lives in Eastern Maryland.

Instagram: @robin.leann2018

Twitter: @RobinBerlwriter



Elizabeth Elmore


Elizabeth Elmore is a proud, Guåhan-based storyteller who strives to encourage artistic expression within her community. At 12 years old, she found a second home within the four walls of a community dance studio, training in ballet first before branching out into a variety of dance genres. Elizabeth will be making her choreography debut in Breaking Wave Theatre Company’s production of William Shakespeare’s "Much Ado About Nothing."

Additionally, Elizabeth is a local writer/poet. Some of her more recent works may be found in BWTC’s mental health anthologies "Unspoken: Vol. I-II." Whether by rhythm or rhyme, she is dedicated to the art of telling stories to create a more loving, inclusive world.

Marketing Director

Joyce Torres


Joyce Torres is a storyteller, actorvist, and artist born and raised on the island of Guam. She has a BA in Fine Arts: Theatre with a minor in Political Science from the University of Guam (2014) and attended the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio Professional Conservatory Program (2018). Based in Los Angeles, Joyce is a Jill of many trades. When she’s not writing, directing, or exploring new ways to tell stories, Joyce is a vocalist and cajon player in "Friends With Instruments,” an all-girl acoustic island pop trio. In 2018, she premiered “Comfort,” a solo show honoring the life of Maria “Lola Rosa” Henson, the first Filipina to publicly talk about her time as a comfort woman during WWII. Joyce is an advocate for original works and enjoys creating spaces that encourage diversity, inclusivity and empathy. She believes the best theatre connects strangers, starts conversations, and provides opportunities to listen and heal. Some of her favorite roles have included: Vanda (Venus in Fur), Kendra (Gloria), and Caliban (The Tempest).

Instagram: @joycelynnrose

Marketing Assistant

Rica Shaine Nicolas


Rica Nicolas is a 4th year Marketing student in an international school who wants to be in the advertising field in the future. She has experience in leadership roles and working with cross-cultural teams, being the External Vice President of her course's organization for 2 years.

As a graduating student, she is seeking new learning experiences in the marketing field hence why she decided to join the production for "Much Ado About Nothing". She loves to listen to music and write a variety of stories, mostly in the horror/thriller genre. She spends most of her free time on her artistic pursuits, mainly drawing and enjoying various media.

Graphic Designer

Steph Balagot


Steph found her love for the arts the first time she watched Vagina Monologues in 2012 at the University of Guam. She was deeply inspired by the women and their stunning performances that she auditioned and was cast as the next Angry Vagina in 2015. She loved the adrenaline and freedom she felt on stage that she decided to dive deeper into the world of theatre. She involved herself in shows as an actress in plays such as "The Laramie Project" or as an assistant stage manager for Molière's "Tartuffe" and "Seasons of Love: A Musical Showcase". She recently stage managed "21 Chump Street: The Musical" by Lin-Manuel Miranda, where they traveled to different schools around Guam to showcase the 14-minute mini-musical. She continues to try her hand at graphic designing. She continues to support the arts and offers a helping hand whenever one is needed.

Assistant Graphic Designer

Joey Datuin


Joey Datuin is very excited to be a part of Breaking Wave Theatre Company yet again. Joey has been doing theatre since his college times and dipped into different aspects of theatre but acting was his passion. After graduating from the University of Guam in 2016 with a BA in Fine Arts Theatre, he has been part of BWTC since they started. Now as a retired actor, he has found his passion for graphic design and is now part of the graphics team for the company this season. For fun, Joey likes to create art whether its drawing or making music. His main goal in life is to live a prosperous and healthy life.

Assistant Set & Props Designer, Assistant Front of House Manager

Grace Gonzaga


Grace Gonzaga is a theatre artist, born and raised on the island of Guam. She earned her B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Mathematics at Seattle University (2021). She has a great interest in all aspects of theatre, specifically design. She recently participated in Seattle University’s production of “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen – as an actor and costume crafts maker (Spring 2021). Through her work, she wants to showcase the different stories of people of color (particularly Asians and Pacific Islanders) and work towards more representation of those people onstage. She hopes to create an inviting stage for everyone’s voices to be heard.

Costume Designer

J.D. Anderson

J.D. is a CHamoru U.O.G. graduate from Santa Rita. His degree is in ESL and Secondary Education and he is currently enjoying teaching English to his 6th graders. As an avid horror movie lover, he has always had a penchant for costumes during Halloween and it has evolved to include costumes on the stage. Always ready for a challenge, he is constantly looking for ways to "up his game" in teaching and costuming.

"Wield your heart, and the world will tremble"-Goremaster

Instagram: @that's_sew_Joe

Assistant Costume Designer

Xavier Bryce Pegarido Borja


Stating in 2018, Xavier has gone through the journey from the front of the stage to the back of the house. His goal is to have the best well-rounded education in the theatrical arts through hands-on experience in the many gears that turn the giant mechanism that makes the shows go round. Passions in acting, singing, art, and fashion, he wishes to make his path to many theatre districts around the mainland USA.

Instagram: xavierbryce

Twitter: xxxavier_19

Hair/Make-Up Designer

Mikhailla Jane Alcantara


Mikhailla Jane Alcantara is a full time student attending UOG and GCC as a fine arts, marketing, and visual communications major. She has been a part of multiple musical productions growing up, both on and back stage. These productions include Cinderella, Hairspray, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Mama Mia, and many others. Mikhailla loves make up, braiding hair, painting, sculpting, doing nails, collecting merchandise, paddle boarding, and playing tennis. Whenever she's not doing any of the above, she is creating, whether it be for her small etsy shop or for fun.

instagram: @aillas_pages

Hair/Make-Up Assistant, Set Building Crew

Kysha Concepcion


Kysha Concepcion is motivated, commutative, and learning through her college years by helping others in Breaking Wave and making friends along her years. Her goal is to continue working on her Bachelors Degree and Majoring in Fine arts with a Minor in Writing as a second year student of University of Guam. She has been impacted by acting in her first role in Youth for Youth in 2017. She loves to write and read. Her first book she read was Inkheart by Cornelia Funke saying "To think of all the times I've wished I could slip into one of my favorite books. But that's the advantage of reading-you can shut the book whenever you want."

This quote goes with saying she has taken a break from acting for two years due to the Covid pandemic.

She wanted to try new skills for Much Ado and took on he roles of Assistant Hair/Makeup and Set Crew. She wants to help others and advocate to make this production a safe place for Youths and for her employees to reach their dreams spread throughout the Island that our creativity are never forgotten.

Instagram: @kyshatc

Lighting Designer

Christian Jay Santiago

Christian Jay Santiago has tried his hand at many different artistic pursuits, including painting, graphic design, comic book drawing, sewing and amateur interior decorating. He is lucky to have found theatre, where each production poses new and interesting challenges in which he can apply his existing skills and develop new ones. He received his BA in Theatre from the University of Guam, where he designed the sets for three main stage productions. Additionally, he was the scenic designer for five children’s summer theatre camp productions. His goal as an artist is to use his skills and knowledge to foster local talent and a greater appreciation for the arts through theatre-based education on Guam and in the Pacific.

Sound Designer

Jerome Ocampo


The sound technician for the local band “Friends with Instruments” and a University of Guam Theatre alumnus, Jerome Ocampo is well rounded with the technical aspects of the performing arts. He recently worked as a technician for Dancing Earth who had several performances on Guam in October of 2017. Being a part of the Breaking Wave Theatre Company's recent production of Tuesday with Morrie solidified his appreciation of working with other great Theatre professionals. There are many life lessons the he has learned from the play and that he would like to take with him and use every day. Jerome’s next steps are to continue being a part of the Breaking Wave Theatre Company as it grows and to further his education in Theatre.

Sound Assistant

Alexandra Castro


Alexandra Castro has participated in various school productions which sparked her love of theater. In the summer of 2019, she joined Breaking Wave Theater Company as a youth writer and actor in the first Unspoken production. Since then, she has continued to be actively involved as a member of the company.

Backstage Crew

Sumin Kim


Sumin attended HCA during my elementary years, and moved to SJS for her middle school years. One of the reasons she moved was because of drama classes being available in middle school. Sumin wanted to be in this production because she finds herself enjoying Shakespeare's plays.

Backstage Crew, Understudy

Kalani Sisson


Kalani Sisson's love for the performing arts began in high school when she joined seven musical productions (and one Shakespearean production) under the direction of the GATE Theater Program. Upon entering the University of Guam in 2012, she quickly enrolled in the Secondary Education program with a focus in Music. She graduated with highest honors in December 2017 and immediately began her career as a teacher. Currently, she is a fifth-year choir teacher at Jose L.G. Rios Middle School.

Although she is a musician at heart, Kalani has always had a fascination and passion for the theatre. During and after her time as a university student, she has been involved in improv theatre, a 24-hour theatre production, a UOG musical revue (in which she was cast various leading roles and solos), and playwriting. Her previous work with BWTC include her short play “Broken, Beautiful, Enough”, which was written and performed for the “Unspoken - Volume II” anthology. In her free time, Kalani enjoys karaoke and spending time with loved ones.

David Gugun

Backstage Crew, Lighting Assistant

David wanted to join this production to have experience as backstage crew because he thinks it's fun.

Backstage Crew

Amanda Metzger


Amanda Metzger is an avid lover of drama and the arts. A high school junior at Harvest Christian Academy, she has previously participated in shows such as "Charlotte's Web," "The Sound of Music," and "Frozen Jr." She is excited to be flipping the script as a member of crew rather than cast this time around for "Much Ado About Nothing." Amanda's hobbies include reading, singing, and analyzing films, and she wants to go on to study psychology after high school.

Front of House Manager

Kayla Mari Del Rosario


Kayla Del Rosario enjoys working in different artistic fields, ranging from: music, theater and film. She sees the Fine Arts as tool that can be used to find peace in a person's reality. Kayla wishes to nurture the interest of the Fine Arts on Guam and help our community appreciate the Arts more.

Front of House Crew Member

Rayah Julian


Rayah better known as "RayRay" in the theatre community, is attending the University of Guam in the pursuit of her degree in Psychology. She is proud to be working once again for Breaking Wave Theatre Co.

Her love for all things theatre has given her the opportunity to not only stage-manage but also act. Her previous works include Rodger and Hammerstein’s: Cinderella, Mamma Mia, Comfort, and Unspoken: A Mental Health Anthology.

instagram: @guinaiyapix

Front of House Crew Member

Gabriel Sahagun

Gabriel is currently attending Simon Sanchez high school. He has written and starred in the first and third installment of unspoken. At school he is the Vice President of the cheer team. After high school he plans on becoming a famous fashion designer designing clothes for people like Harry styles,Beyoncé and Lizzo. Some words he has to say about this show is “I believe that everyone has a story and this is the place to do so.”

Instagram: @gabriel_sa17

Front of House Crew Member, Photographer

Franky Lynn Aguon Hill


Franky Lynn Aguon Hill is a student of the University of Guam. She is currently pursuing a degree in Communications and is working her way up to achieve her goal to become a director or producer. She has been part of productions both on stage and on camera. Franky Lynn has not only assisted in productions, but she has also acted in them. She has acted in productions including: Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Mamma Mia. The arts have had a strong impact on her life, allowing her to explore different forms of expression and interactions with others. She aims to apply her studies to help advance the arts in the island.

Instagram: @franky_lynn

Front of House Crew Member

Rheana Jade Ochoco

Rheana is a 16 year old Junior from Notre Dame High School. This is her 3rd work with BWTC, having previously been a part of Unspoken I as Front of House and Unspoken III as Production Assistant. Rheana has been in theatre for a long time, involved in productions with organizations like UOG and G.A.T.E.

Instagram: @rheanajade

Outreach Coordinator, Cast

Hannah Elmore


Hannah Elmore is an actor who is either sleeping or crying. There is no in between. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts Theatre at the University of Guam. Hannah has been in various UOG productions including her most notable roles as Viola in Twelfth Night, Masha in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and Honey in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Hannah has been working with Breaking Wave Theatre Company since their launch in 2018. In 2019, she served as the Outreach Coordinator and led their spring show 21 Chump Street on an island wide school tour. She has also served as the Assistant Director in Unspoken Volume I (2019) and Volume III (2021). Hannah is more than thrilled to be a part of Much Ado About Nothing as it is one of her favorite Shakespeare comedies. She believes that laughter is the best form of medicine and can truly feed the soul.


Bernice Ongaco


Bernice performed in high school and elementary school plays and was interested in performing on stage to experience and learn theatre arts with BWTC.


Will Parkinson


William Mark Parkinson was born in Manila, Philippines to Former Speaker Don Parkinson and Marina Alkonga Parkinson and raised on Guam since he was 3 years old.

Will developed a love for performance and musicals under the tutelage of legendary Guam music teacher Erwin Estaura of Jose Rios Middle School and performed in his first theatre production under the guidance of the GATE program when he attended George Washington High-school, class of 2004.

When he graduated, he took this love of performance with him when he attended the University of Idaho and studied for a number of years in their theatre program, as well as spent several years as a competitive collegiate ballroom dancer in the Pacific Northwest Region while he spent nine years serving as a Wildland Firefighter for the Forest Service.

Now, will currently lives in Mongmong-Toto-Maite, he is married to Camille Parkinson, loves playing Basketball, runs a local small business and someday hopes to make his mark, not just in theatre, but in Guam politics as well.

He has a German Shepard named Rocco who is the goodest boy in the whole wide world.

Instagram: willparkinson671


Nicolas Quinata


Nicolas Quinata is a chef and content creator. He's taking on the role of Don Pedro after a long hiatus from acting. Nicolas had acted previously in several UOG productions. He is excited to be a part of this BWTC production of "Much Ado About Nothing" and hopes to work on future productions with this company.


James Camacho

they/them/theirs, he/him/his

James grew up in east Tennessee where he became interested in theater. Fittingly, the first play he remembers seeing was Much Ado About Nothing at the Blount County Public Library when he was nine. He has participated in a school production every year since 8th grade and would like, someday, to be a playwright.


Sophia Espaldon


Sophia Espaldon is a 17-year-old junior at Harvest Christian Academy. She was born and raised in Hawaii where she was a hula dancer and choir member, and she moved to Guam when she was 8 years old. Her past credits include GATE's Mamma Mia as Ensemble, Harvest Acting Troupe's Sound of Music as Louisa Von Trapp, and WTP's Moana Jr as Sina. She also participates in district and statewide competitions for the National Forensics League in Dramatic Interpretation. Sophia loves playing basketball, volleyball, and tennis. After tearing her ACL last year, she is currently on the pathway to recovery. Performing has always been Sophia's therapy, and she is pleased to participate in BWTC's Much Ado About Nothing as Hero and Sexton as the experience allows her to get in touch with her artistic side.

Cast, Composer

Shannon Dean San Nicolas


Born and raised on Guam in Yigo, Shannon attended Simon Sanchez and sang, played piano, and composed music in its Honor choir "La Voce”. He has sung and acted in multiple local musicals productions and often played piano for them. Shannon was fortunate to act in and write the music for Shakespeares “A Midsummers Night Dream”, then had the opportunity to be trusted to help with the music for BWTC’s, and Guam's, first original musical “On The Inside”. He is currently working on his second solo album and gigging in the band “We Are Natives” Fridays at Icon and Saturdays at Pari’s Place. Shannon is very happy to be returning back to the theater and to collaborate with very talented and good people.

IG: @shannondeansannicolas


Joe Tai


While Joe Tai does not have a professional musical background, he does love writing music and performing. This love is what led him to turn in his work for this production, as he likes sharing and enjoying the arts with others.


Alice Grunzke

Alice Grunzke is a performing artist who began dance training at the age of 5, training with Atlanta Festival Ballet, Gwinnett Ballet Theatre, The Royal Dance Academy in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and The Nutmeg Conservatory of the Arts in Torrington, CT. As a pre-professional company dancer, she performed the roles of Clara and Fritz for Gwinnett Ballet Theatre’s production of The Nutcracker. Alice has also trained as a puppeteer at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA, participating in the Center’s Puppet Camp, where she co-wrote her first script and built and performed with her first puppet at the age of 9. By age 10, she was already recognized as a young performer in the puppeteering community and continued her training for the following four years, learning several styles including shadow puppetry, puppetry for television, hand and rod puppetry, and Guignol.

Now in Guam, she served as a Teacher’s Assistant for the Guam Conservatory of the Arts pilot ballet program and is slated to be a teacher when the program officially launches. In December 2021, she performed as a dance corps member and soloist in Frozen, Jr. for World Theater Productions Guam. Alice attends high school at a virtual learning academy. She hopes to pursue a performing arts degree after graduation and is thrilled to play her first Shakespearean roles for Breaking Wave.

Cast, Tagalog Translator

Camille Ponseca Parkinson


Camille Ponseca Parkinson was born in Obando Bulacan, Philippines. A former Senior High School Instructor at AMA Computer College - Makati. She has been elected as Councilor in Sangguniang Kabataan (Youth Council) 2018. Married to William Mark Parkinson, Lives in Toto.

Camille has always had a passion for the arts, She made her theatrical debut performing in musicals 2013 “Ang Kalupi” played as Aling Marta and has been a part of the 2017 production of “Millennials” in Unbound formerly the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, aiming to showcase the talent of every sponsored youth.

Facebook: Camille Parkinson

Instagram: camy.pp


Starlet Luzama

Starlet Luzama is a 17 year old aspiring actress. Her hobbies are reading, spending time with family, singing, working out (sometimes) and raiding the fridge and pantry. She started a love for acting in the 7th grade when she starred in a play and developed a love for musical theatre during high school. She's done two productions with WTP which is Moana Jr. as an Ancestor Ensemble and Frozen Jr. as Princess Anna for the Livestream. She is really excited to do the modern version of Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing with Breaking Wave Theatre Company.


Tim Fox Dominguez


Tim "Fox" Dominguez dabbles in the arts from time to time, with music being his primary passion. After graduating the University of Guam in 2012, Tim has been in various productions including 2014's Mulan, and 2017's the Crucible. With music Tim has found success with his band Fat Tofu--releasing a full length album and going on tour in Japan in 2019. In 2020 Tim was a part of Little Shop of Horrors, however just one month shy of opening night, the production was robbed by the COVID-19 pandemic and was indefinitely halted. He hopes that Much Ado can scratch his long overdue theater itch.

Set Building Crew

Dohyun Kim


Dylan Kim was born and raised in Korea, but eventually moved to Saipan and then Guam, where he current lives. After moving so much within 17 years of his life, he finally decided to become more social. He is currently a JFK student and and is still working on deciding what he wants to do next.

Set Building Crew

Seohyun Kim


Seohyun Kim, preferably referred to as Gabby, is currently attending John F. Kennedy High School as a sophomore, with an overall GPA of 4.3. She participated in summer internship last summer called the Public Policy Institute, where students in high school as well as in college were gathered together and given the opportunity to create a bill that would be beneficial for their community. She has experience in working together with students her age as well as adults, such as advisors who worked together with them during their internship. Gabby has taken on many leadership roles throughout her years in school as well. She is currently a part of the Kitty Hawk, which is an honor society for students in JROTC. She is very responsible, organized, and am able to accomplish all the tasks that are given to her.

Gabby found interest in the set crew position because of her interest in majoring in architecture. She believes that through this opportunity, she will be able to take away a lot of experiences in this field, such as how sets are arranged for temporary productions. She is looking forward to working with the rest of the set building crew!

Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager, Marketing Assistant

Symphony Guevara


Symphony graduated high school in 2020 and has been studying Visual Communications and Marketing for the past 4 years. She loves to make arts and crafts so for fun and created @spacecadetsym on Instagram to share her art. She was scrolling for inspiration when she saw BWTC's post about needing some roles to fill. At first she thought about applying for the Assistant Graphic Artist position, but then ended up getting offered to assist with Stage Management and Marketing! Syphony was so happy because she was able to get the chance to learn and experience something she never had and is very glad to be a part of it.

Instagram: @symphonyguevara & @spacecadetsym

Panel Host

Serf Mannaky


Serf Mannaky graduated from UOG with his Bachelor of Fine Art: Theatre Track in 2020. He has a surplus of experience from the front of the house, on stage, and backstage. He began his passion in acting with roles as a police officer in "Arsenic and Old Lace and Robin Goodfellow in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." He has also staged managed Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" and Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park." His most recent work includes writing local-inspired plays, which was published in a book of works called the "Voice of Guam: Volume I."

Since graduating, Mannaky served as a board of director for Breaking Wave Theatre Company and is currently an educator with Guahan Academy Charter School. With his many talents, Mannaky hopes to continue his education and bring theatre to local schools.

With Special Thanks to our Coffee Chat and Much Ado About Shakes Panelists


  • Joyce Torres (Coffee Chats)

  • Serf Mannaky


  • Robin Berl

  • Michelle Blas

  • CJ Ochoco

  • Madison McKenzie Scott

  • Ean Taijeron

  • Cynthia Cabot

  • Via Da Fant

  • Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua

  • Rayanna Guzman

  • Camille Ponseca Parkinson

  • Raycia Charfauros

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