Typhoon Mawar Support

How to support and find support post-typhoon

As Guam begins the long road to recovery from Typhoon Mawar, you may be wondering how you can support from afar or how you can find support if you are on the ground. 

Please note that BWTC is not directly affiliated with organizations/businesses listed, so please contact them for questions. We ask that you donate to the fundraisers below and not directly to BWTC, as we want resources to be given to those most in need.

 This page is being updated by our BWTC team as often as possible, but it may not always reflect the most current information. Please visit the links directly for the most up-to-date information, and contact info@bwtcguam.com or DM us at @bwtcguam to edit/add any resources.

Updated as of Monday, June 19, 3 PM ChST

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Please remember to avoid sharing unofficial information to avoid confusion within our community.

How to Support from Afar


MCCA is collecting funds that will be used to purchase recovery materials for those in need. A trusted and community-driven organization, we encourage you to donate to them directly via their PayPal. Follow them on @micronesiaclimatealliance for more information and other resources. 

MCCA IS NOW LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR MUTUAL AID DISTRIBUTION. DM @micronesiaclimatealliance or WhatsApp (671) 685-3796 with your Name , Village, Age, and contact number.  For more info see this post.

Habibi Catering is accepting donations via PayPal as they work to provide food to those who cannot cook due to post-storm conditions. They are also looking for volunteer drivers and also welcome donations of select ingredients, to-go containers, and butane gas. You can find out more and reach out to them on Instagram via @habibicateringguam.

Guåhan Sustainable Culture is collecting donations to support the recovery of local farmers. Donate here, and follow @gusustainable for more information.

Nihi! is helping assist those who have lost entire homes with direct funds and cash grants. If you would like to help their list of houseless families, Paypal nihikids@gmail.com. Nihi! is also looking for volunteers for debris clearing and tree restoration at various sites. To find out more on how to help visit this Instagram post

Mutual Aid Community Organization Para Todus Hit is currently seeking donations for families in need. Requests include: diapers for adults and children, baby wipes, hygiene supplies, bedding, battery powered lights, batteries, drinking water, canned food and trash bags. For the full post of requests you can find their Instagram Post here

For monetary donations, you can PayPal them here or to make physical donations of supplies, you can DM them on Facebook or Instagram

Be Heartfelt is a non-profit organization that serves children and youth through home visits, providing supplies and food, sharing time and teaching life skills. Right now they are creating and distributing hygiene kits for those affected by the typhoon. They are looking for donations of underwear, soap, deodorant, shampoo, socks, brushes, hair ties, washcloths, toothbrushes and other hygiene products. They are accepting physical donations through mail and meet ups. For monetary donations, you can Paypal them. For more information, view this post.


Catholic Social Service is holding a food drive for individuals and families affected by Typhoon Mawar. To make a donation visit their website. For more information call 671-635-1442 or email info@cssguam.org

House of Chamorros in San Diego, CA is collecting monetary donations as well as diapers, wipes, and toiletries to send back to Guam. You can find more information on donating and drop-offs on their website.

 Reena Quintanilla, a local resident of Guam who is currently stationed in San Antionio Texas, is raising funds via an individual GoFundMe page. She will be using the funds to purchase supplies that will be sent to local mayor's offices for distribution.

 Prubechu (a San Francisco based restaurant) has created a GoFundMe page for typhoon relief. Donations will go toward supplying food, water, shelter and gas to those displaced as well as to help rebuild homes and businesses. 

CHamoru poet Arielle Taitano Lowe is organizing a mutual aid line for $6.71 donations for vulnerable populations (elders, people with disabilities, displaced youth). Donations will cover essential needs such as drinking water, medication, baby formula, non-perishible foods and clothing. To donate, you can venmo @arielle-lowe-671 or Paypal @lowearielle


St. Dominic's received extensive damage and, they are in dire need of necessities for their residents. You can donate to their GoFundMe here. When conditions are safe enough, you can also drop off adult diapers, adult under pads, wipes, and ensure or nutren.

Sagan Kotturan CHamoru, a cultural center that hosts and showcases Chamoru artistans and cultural practitioners, has suffered extensive interior and exterior damage. They are accepting support through the following GoFundMe link.

Our island's only animal shelter, Guam Animals In Need (GAIN), has been more or less destroyed by the typhoon. The Boonie Flight Project is organizing a GoFundMe to raise money to rebuild GAIN. Note: Free dog and cat food is available for displaced families at Department of Agriculture. See more information here

Island Girl Power (IGP) is an organization whose mission is to provide resources, promote positive role models in the community and offer positive activities for young ladies and their families. They have sustained significant damage to their space in Dededo and are accepting donations to help rebuild and repair from the damages. You can donate to their website here

Lehua Taitano is raising money for her family, as two households within their family have completely lost their homes and everything inside of them. If you'd like to donate to this family, you can find the GoFundMe here.

Randizia Crisostomo is raising money to repair her grandfather's home that took on damage, including a missing roof. To donate, you can visit the GoFundMe or directly to her at CashApp: cash.app/$DiziaCrisostomo or Venmo: @Cdizia. 


Straight Up Music and Tribe Marianas are collaborating to raise funds through #MAKELOVENOTMAWAR t-shirts. Pre-order now here, and proceeds will go towards typhoon recovery. 

CHamoru artist @gilli.art is raising funds through sales of her art prints. 100% of the procees will be donated to organizations accepting funds for relief. You can purchase the art prints on her website.

@AlyMeiDesigns is a Guåhan artist selling printable art PDFs, physical art prints, and offering customizable designs. 100% of earnings will go towards Typhoon Mawar Recovery. Order by DMing @AlyMeiDesigns.

Red Rice Las Vegas will be donating $10 for any red rice merchandise purchased in store and online. They will also have typhoon plates at their restaurant, with $10 donation for every plate purchased. Their donations will benefit the American Red Cross efforts on Guam.


@Rockin_Roquin is a CHamoru Queer artist who hand-crafts wearable art and fashion, including jewelry, which you can find at rockinroquin.com. Moving forward, 100% of proceeds will go toward mutual aid efforts to help folks secure shelter, foods, provide supplies and financially assist other orgnizations on providing on the ground efforts. 

Agu'ot is a community zine featuring an eclectic mix of queer stories, poems, interviews and artworks from Guåhan and beyond. In a joint effort with Para Todus Hit, Migrant Zine Collective will be distributing digital downloads of the Agu'ot zine for a sliding scale of $5-$25. For instructions on paying for and receiving a copy of the zine, please visit their Instagram post.

Hinengge is an original collection of Guahan Heritage Carvings that takes all the memories of home, archaological findings and the current events that affect the Mariana Islands reimagined to create conversation through the ancient art of carving. On June 3, all pieces from the Typhoon Mawar Charity Collection will be available for purchase on the Hingge website and 100% of the proceeds will go to the MCCA mutual aid fund. For information or to see a sneak peek of the collection you can find them on Instagram @hinengge

Saltwater Empress, modernized Mariånas-Inspired Cultural Jewelry, is holding two types of typhoon relief fundraisers: (1) Shop the Typhoon Mawar Fundraiser Collection on SaltWaterEmpress.com. 100% of the proceeds will be used to help Sagan Kotturan CHamoru and the Kottura Party Carving Collective recover from the extensive damage from Typhoon Mawar.  (2) You can also purchase $10 digital raffle tickets for chances to win a red spondylus necklace or orange spondylus necklace, to benefit families that were impacted by the typhoon. 


Todu Guam Foundation is mobilizing its Mobile Medical Clinic Outreach Program, beginning at typhoon shelters, providing non-emergent medical attention for OTC medications, antibiotics, basic wound care, vaccinations, and other wellness/preventative checkups. TGF is requesting for Doctors/Nurse Practitioners/Physician Asisstants/Nurses/Medical Support individual/Mental Health counselors to contact them should they be able to provide assistance. To contact Todu Guam Foundation email wecare@toduguam.com, call 671-797-8431 or DM @toduguam.foundation on Instagram. 

TGF is also looking for donations of canned food, water and clothing for families who lost everything they have. Please contact them to coordinate.

Farm to Table is looking for volunteers in helping them clean up their farm on June 21-23 from 8am to 11am. Activities may include collecting branches, moving logs, shoveling and using small tools such as loppers, pruners and machetes. To sign up, fill out their volunteer application here. To learn more, visit their instagram post.

The Salvation Army Guam Chapter is going door to door starting with the southern villages where resources are thin, bringing with them groceries, cases of water, gas vouchers, and thrift store vouchers to help residents get back on their feet. If you would like to volunteer, you can reach Captain Hector through WhatsApp at 671-482-5877.

You can also donate to the Salvation Disaster Relief fund on their website

How to Find Support on the Ground


The FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) are now open 7 days a week at four locations: (1) Guam Community College, Building E from 7am to 6pm; (2) Dededo Sports Complex from 7am to 6pm; (3) CL Taitano Elementary School from 8am to 5pm; and (4) Inalåhan Mayor's Office/Community Center from 8am to 5pm. 

The DRC is open to assist island residents impacted by Typhoon Mawar with disaster release programs. The DRC will be able to help you: Apply for FEMA assistance, learn about disaster assistance programs, learn the status of your FEMA application,  get referrals to agencies that can offer assistance, learn about Small Business Administration programs and more. To learn more, you can read JIC Recovery Release no. 50.

Shuttle Service: Guam Regional Transit Authority (GRTA) will provide temporary shuttle service to the GCC Relief Center between Yoña Buenas Mart from 6am to 8pm For more information, read JIC Recovery Release no. 34.

Please ensure to have available the following when you arrive: 


The Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the launch of the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP). D-SNAP gives food assistance to low-income households with food loss or damage caused by a natural disaster to households that would not ordinarily qualify but suddenly need food assistance because of a disaster. 

Individuals must bring a valid I.D. and must apply at one of the following approved D-SNAP enrollment centers: (1) Micronesia Mall, (2) Guam Premium Outlets, and (3) Inalahan Senior Citizens Center. Each sites will serve applicants on a schedule based on last name. To view the schedule or see further information view JIC Recovery Release no. 54.


American Red Cross volunteers are now on island distributing a limited amount of cleaning supplies, coolers, tarps, and flashlights across the island to support those who have lost their homes. Please check out local news stations like KUAM, Pacific Daily News, Guam Daily Post, and Pacific News Center on their websites and socials for the most current information.

Visit FEMA to find individual and public assistance for those who have been affected. If your homes have been damaged, please ensure you document the damage via pictures. If you have food that has spoiled as well, please do not cook it. Instead, take pictures to document for reporting.

Note: FEMA representatives will be at the Guam Congress Building every day this week from 8am to 5pm.

Contact your local mayor's office to find out how to get support from FEMA or for information on the American Red Cross distributions.

If you are unable to cook or do not have access to food, please reach out to Habibi Catering via Whatsapp at +1 (671) 488-4598 with your Name, Phone Number, Numbers of Family Members (with number of children), and Location. 


If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis, call, text, or chat 988. Follow @gbhwcguam for more resources.


UNITED AIRLINES - (671) 645-8591

JIN AIR - (671) 642-2800

JEJU AIR GUAM - (671) 649-3936

KOREAN AIR - (671) 642-3200


T'WAYAIR - (671) 989-1500