Episode 5: the group of badass mermaids (and their maiden buddy) that saved a whole ass island as told by your Auntie Bobbie

“the group of badass mermaids (and their maiden buddy) that saved a whole ass island as told by your Auntie Bobbie” is a comedic adaptation of “The Young Maidens Who Saved Guam,” inspired by “Drunk History.” It is written by Reed Flores and directed by Sierra O’Neill. Featuring voice acting by Breanna-Rose Davis Baza (Auntie Bobbie, Naile, Maria), Nicolas Quinata (The Fish, Villager, Other Other Villager), Curtis J. Jewell (Beautiful Young Man, Other Dude, Other Villager), Sara Untalan (Linda), Steph Balagot (Mames, Villager 1), Rayah Julian (Rita), and J Hafa Adai (Dude).

Special thanks to Johnny Sablan whose music is featured.

Content Warnings: Strong Adult Language, References to Sexual Assault, Alcohol Use, Brief Mention of Child Abuse

For support surrounding this, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

For more on the story of the Young Maidens, check out Guampedia.

A Note from the Author

Reed Flores

When we talk about oral tradition, I had always imagined a group of ancient CHamoru folks sitting around a fire, passing down stories and lessons learned. But, as a get older, I realize oral tradition is also my brother telling me stories of Kañada when he was a kid. Or my dad’s first encounter with the taotaomo’na. Or my mom revealing a trauma from her childhood.

Mom passed in ’08, when I was eleven. And everyday, I am nostalgic for the stories and memories I never got to hear. So, I thought I’d evoke her memory this time — so we can all appreciate how funny and generous she was.

Let’s continue our oral tradition, friends. It may not be the sacred ceremonial event I thought it would be — but it’ll be just as important and precious. We’ll pass down our stories and our lessons learned. For the kids on island and off, this one’s for you too. Bula guinaiya para todus hamyu.

A Note from the Director

Sierra O'Neill

There are many things I could say about this story:

Maybe this is a story about the climate crisis our world faces today.

Maybe this is a story about our refusal to keep quiet in the face of sexual assault.

Maybe this is a story about the power of our oral storytelling traditions.

Or maybe, this is about the strength and vulnerability of us - Famalåo’an

For me, I can’t help but think about what happens if we listen closely to the women of our island. What do we hear? Not the splashing sounds of a mermaid’s tail as they dive into the water. I hear the possibility - of a world where women come together, support each other and remember our strength. If we do that, I believe we can save the entire world.

Thank You to Our Supporters and Sponsors

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