Episode 1: Puntan Yan Fu'una

Puntan Yan Fu’una written by Raycia Marie Charfauros and directed by Sierra O’Neill weaves elements of modern day life with the creation story of Guåhan. Featuring voice acting by Lauren Rivera (Ha'ani), Shell Elijah (Nana), Curtis J. Jewell (Alex), Chloe Ayangco (Doctor), J Hafa Adai (Puntan), and Sara Untalan (Fu'una).

Content Warnings: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Sickness, Death, and brief mentions of PTSD.

For more on the story of Puntan Yan Fu'una, check out Guampedia.

A Note from the Author

Raycia Marie Charfauros

The story of our first ancestors, Puntan and Fu’una, is one that many CHamoru children were told at the feet of their grandparents or teachers. In it, Fu'una demonstrates endless love, resilience, and strength in the midst of grief, ultimately birthing the CHamoru people.

Puntan and Fu’una are our Origins, our beginning. Theirs is a story of emergence, of new life and creation, of love and family, of pain and of life. They were and are the foundation of our world. Their chapter has long since closed, but the story, Dear Listener, continues with you. You carry fragments of our ancestors within you; echos of the boundless creativity and strength they held when our world first began. To our CHamoru brothers and sisters all across the globe: In li’i hao, in ekunguk hao, in guaiya hao. We see you, we hear you, we love you. You are ours, and always will be.

Thank You to Our Supporters and Sponsors

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