Meet the Team


CJ Ochoco


CJ Ochoco is a Guam-raised theatre creative who is currently based in Nashville but constantly finds herself back home on Guam. She earned her BA in Fine Arts: Theatre from the University of Guam (2016) and her Masters of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management through Colorado State University (2019). CJ enjoys wearing many hats. While her first passion was stage management, she has found joy in producing, arts administration, playwriting, and even bass playing for Guam band “Friends with Instruments.” From the University of Guam Theatre to the Guam International Film Festival to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, CJ has been involved with various arts organizations. In 2018, she helped found a nonprofit on Guam, Breaking Wave Theatre Company, where she serves as the President and primary Producer for the company. CJ believes in the healing power of the arts, and she believes that healing can begin when everyone has the space and opportunity to share their stories. She aims to use her skills to create and elevate diverse storytelling, on stage and behind it.


James Lee Aevermann


James Aevermann is an artist who has dabbled in many different mediums including writing, acting, building, and blacksmithing. James' involvement with the theatre has been a hobby of his the past several years, with his involvement ranging from acting, writing, building sets, and designing props. He has had a hand in many UOG productions and has been involved with Breaking Wave Theatre Company since their first production, Tuesdays with Morrie. James recently completed a Master of Science in Forensic Biology from the University of the Southwest while remaining a part of BWTC and continuing his passion for the arts on Guam. He is also still a practicing blacksmith, striving to ensure that the art does not disappear from the Pacific.

Artistic Director / Director of Episodes 2 & 4

Joyce Torres


Joyce Torres is a storyteller, actorvist, and artist born and raised on the island of Guam. She has a BA in Fine Arts: Theatre with a minor in Political Science from the University of Guam (2014) and attended the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio Professional Conservatory Program (2018). Based in Los Angeles, Joyce is a Jill of many trades. When she’s not writing, directing, or exploring new ways to tell stories, Joyce is a vocalist and cajon player in "Friends With Instruments,” an all-girl acoustic island pop trio. In 2018, she premiered “Comfort,” a solo show honoring the life of Maria “Lola Rosa” Henson, the first Filipina to publicly talk about her time as a comfort woman during WWII. Joyce is an advocate for original works and enjoys creating spaces that encourage diversity, inclusivity and empathy. She believes the best theatre connects strangers, starts conversations, and provides opportunities to listen and heal. Some of her favorite roles have included: Vanda (Venus in Fur), Kendra (Gloria), and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth).

Instagram: @joycelynnrose

Assistant Producer / Director of Episodes 1 & 5

Sierra O'Neill


Currently living in London, Sierra is a local Guamanian artist with a passion for theatre that involves the community and important social/political issues. After getting her Master's and starting her own theatre company in London, Sierra came back to Guam in 2018 and directed Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical '21 Chump Street' for BWTC. She also led the devised theatre workshops, and eventually directed the play ‘Let’s Talk’ within BWTC’s Unspoken in 2019. As the co-artistic director of her London theatre company as well, Sierra has written, devised, and performed in documentary and immersive shows about immigrants, such as 'The Dirty Word' and 'How to Make a Home'. Sierra truly believes that access and engagement with theatre can help to make the world and the community a better place, and bring us together in a time where we must be apart. Her goal as a theatre artist is to continue to work both in Guam and London to create theatre with and for the people.

Director of Episode 3

Jaynda Shoda Meyer


Jayna Shoda Meyer (she/her/hers) is a performer, director, and writer currently studying Theatre Arts at Boston University. Born and raised in Southern California, she is a diasporic Chamorro/CHamoru with family in Saipan and Guåhan. In 2021, Jayna stayed in Saipan to reconnect with her roots. She studied CHamoru language, Guam history, and anthropology through the University of Guam as well as worked at the Northern Marianas Humanities Council and participated in the Lalåyak Program with 500 Sails, learning how to sail traditional Chamorro canoes.

Jayna is so grateful to be working as a director for the Guam Legends Podcast Plays. She believes in the importance of these legends and the power they can hold. She remembers listening to a CD of the Sirena story growing up as a kid, and how it captured the feeling of the islands her family was from. She hopes that these stories can do the same, and can bring the feeling of home to Chamorus all over the globe.

Instagram: @jaynashodameyer

Production Manager

Grace Keh Gonzaga


Grace Gonzaga is a theatre artist, born and raised on the island of Guam. She earned her B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Mathematics at Seattle University (2021). She has a great interest in all aspects of theatre, specifically design. She recently participated in Seattle University’s production of “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen – as an actor and costume crafts maker (Spring 2021). Through her work, she wants to showcase the different stories of people of color (particularly Asians and Pacific Islanders) and work towards more representation of those people onstage. She hopes to create an inviting stage for everyone’s voices to be heard.

Production Assistant

Rheana Jade Ochoco

Rheana is a 17 year old Senior from Notre Dame High School. This is her 4th work with BWTC, having previously been a part of Unspoken I as Front of House, Unspoken III as Production Assistant, and Much Ado About Nothing as Front of House. Rheana has been in theatre for a long time, involved in productions with organizations like UOG and G.A.T.E.

Instagram: @rheanajade

Development Producer

Christian Jay Santiago


Christian Jay Santiago has tried his hand at many different artistic pursuits, including painting, graphic design, comic book drawing, sewing and amateur interior decorating. He is lucky to have found theatre, where each production poses new and interesting challenges in which he can apply his existing skills and develop new ones. He received his BA in Theatre from the University of Guam, where he designed the sets for three main stage productions. Additionally, he was the scenic designer for five children’s summer theatre camp productions. His goal as an artist is to use his skills and knowledge to foster local talent and a greater appreciation for the arts through theatre-based education on Guam and in the Pacific.

CHamoru Translator / Playwright of Episode 2: I Trongkon Niyok

Rayanna Guzman


A UOG Theatre student who wishes to do theatre full time but knows its not enough - yet - to pay the bills. For now, she is content with being part of any production which holds special meaning to her.

Rayanna also wishes to be a beach bum. So, if you find a magic genie willing to grant these wishes for free, send it her way. Thanks!

Sound Designer

Jerome Ocampo


Jerome graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts: Theatre. His work continues with the Breaking Wave Theatre Company as one of its founding board members. Focused on technical theatre, Jerome has experience in lighting, sets, prop management, with his primary interest in sound design. He has designed for several UOG and BWTC productions.

Sound Assistant

Alexandra Castro


Alexandra Castro has participated in various school productions which sparked her love of theatre. In the summer of 2019, she joined Breaking Wave Theatre Company as a youth writer and actor in the first Unspoken production. Since then, she has continued to be actively involved as a member of the company. Alex also enjoys playing video games, writing, and reading fantasy novels during her down time.

Sound Editor of Episodes 1, 3, & 5

Robert Wang


Though most known for being onstage than behind the scenes, in his education Robert has benefited from the guidance of the Gate Theatre Program, and the Fine Arts Professors at the University of Guam during his time of attendance. His career in radio spans 12 years across 4 radio stations. The time spent in these fields gave him a deep appreciation for the work involved in putting together engaging audio experiences. Born and raised on the island of Guam, he has left this year to pursue a career in voice-over.

Sound Editor of Episodes 2 & 4

Jan Ramos


Jan Ramos, also known as Bam, first delved into the arts through music. Learning multiple instruments from a young age, Bam eventually pursued music at the collegiate level, graduating from Northwest University with a degree in Contemporary Music Industry with a focus in Recording Arts. After graduating, Bam made her way back home to Guam where she was involved in various community arts projects in her free time. From music, to film, and to theatre, Bam enjoys helping where she can. Now living in Nashville, Bam is excited to be a part of the podcast play team.

Marketing Director

Ruzelle Almonds


Ruzelle Almonds is a Guåhan-grown filmmaker, with credits ranging from web series to feature length documentaries. She has spent many years supporting and creating spaces for current and aspiring filmmakers to produce their own content. Along with this, she is also a freelance digital marketing specialist who works primarily with non-profit organizations. Her primary career motivations are to elevate Guåhan’s language and culture, effect social change and provoke thoughtful conversations in Guåhan's community.


Graphic Designer / Actor

Steph Balagot


Roles: Villager (Ep. 2, 3, 5), Timatanga (Ep. 3), Mames (Ep. 5)

Steph found her love for the arts the first time she watched Vagina Monologues in 2012 at the University of Guam. She was deeply inspired by the women and their stunning performances that she auditioned and was cast as the next Angry Vagina in 2015. She loved the adrenaline and freedom she felt on stage that she decided to dive deeper into the world of theatre. She involved herself in shows as an actress in plays such as "The Laramie Project" or as an assistant stage manager for Molière's "Tartuffe" and "Seasons of Love: A Musical Showcase". In 2019, stage managed "21 Chump Street: The Musical" by Lin-Manuel Miranda, where they traveled to different schools around Guam to showcase the 14-minute mini-musical. She continues to try her hand at graphic designing. She continues to support the arts and offers a helping hand whenever one is needed.

Assistant Graphic Designer

Joey Datuin


Joey Datuin is very excited to be a part of Breaking Wave Theatre Company yet again. Joey has been doing theatre since his college times in UOG and dipped into different aspects of theatre but acting was his passion. Since graduating from College with a BA in Fine Arts Theatre, he has been with BWTC since the beginning. Now a retired Actor, he has developed a passion for graphic designs and will be part of the graphics team for the company this season. For fun, Joey likes to create art whether it is drawing or making music. Joey's goal in life is to live prosper and healthy life.

Playwright of Episode 1: Puntan Yan Fu'una

Raycia Marie Charfauros


Raycia Marie Charfauros is an indigenous Chamoru woman from Guam. She became active in the theater community while perusing her Bachelors of the Arts in Psychology at the University of Guam. She has seen first hand how therapeutic and important it is for those within the indigenous community to see themselves reflected in works of art visual or otherwise.

She became involved with the podcast plays to further share her love for her culture and to actively participate in the rich tradition of passing down the Chamoru history through the art of story telling. She hopes that Chamoru diaspora who are currently living far from home or are hearing the story of their origins for the first time will feel seen, validated, and connected to the culture they hail from.

Playwright of Episode 3: A New Old Way of Life: A Trongkon Lemmai Adaptation

Robin Berl


Robin has previously worked with BWTC as a Youth Workshop Facilitator, as a playwright for Unspoken, Volume III: Reaching Across and as the dramaturg for Much Adu About Nothing. Her plays have received readings or productions with Asian Pasifika Arts Collective and the Strand Theater Company, MD; Winding Road Theater Ensemble, AZ; Spooky Action Theater, Washington D.C; Breaking Wave Theatre Company, Guam; Sandy Spring Theatre Group, MD. She was recently part of Company One Theatre’s C1 Volt Lab. Her writing appears in The PlayGround Experiment Faces of America Monologue Festival Anthology #3. Robin graduated from University of Delaware with BAs in both English Literature and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. She lives in Eastern Maryland.

Instagram: @robin.leann2018

Twitter: @RobinBerlwriter


Playwright of Episode 4: Chaife’s Lost Soul

J.D. Anderson

J.D. is a CHamoru U.O.G. Graduate from Santa Rita, Guam. He graduated with a degree in English As a Second Language and Secondary Education and is currently enjoying his career teaching his sixth graders English. He aspires to be a writer, graphic novelist, and costume designer. His penchant for writing comes from a love of reading, graphic novels from comic books, and costumes from his love for horror and Halloween. He believes that it is never too late to get into, and love, new things.

"Wield your heart, and the world will tremble," - Goremaster

Instagram: @that's_sew_Joe

Playwright of Episode 5: the group of badass mermaids (and their maiden buddy) that saved a whole ass island as told by your Auntie Bobbie

Reed Flores


Reed Flores is a Queer CHamoru guy from Kañada, currently floating around somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Reed is a freelance director and writer, and has worked throughout the country with: Seattle Rep, Actors Theatre of Louisville, TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, The Wayward Artist, New Conservatory Theatre Center, and Bindlestiff Studio, among others.

Reed was most recently the inaugural Director of Programming for Wayward Voices, an initiative to produce theater by and for BIPOC artists. And upcoming, Reed is directing "Three Tall Women" by Edward Albee & "The Piano Teacher" by Julia Cho for The Pear Theatre in Mountain View.

When Reed isn't directing or writing, he's probably cooking. Or taking photos. Or slowly, painfully, descending into madness. Beautiful madness.

IG: @brownguydesign


Lauren Rivera

they/them/theirs, she/her/hers

Roles: Ha'ani (Ep. 1), Queguma (Ep. 3)

After completing her studies at Okkodo High, Lauren Rivera has performed in multiple theatre productions starting from early 2018. With her love of theatre performance, Lauren is currently on her path to improve her skill in the arts and spread her love of performing to her family and peers.

Having moved to Arizona from her childhood home on Guam, being included in this production filled with island legends and stories fills a special part of her heart which is often homesick. Lauren is excited to be a part of sharing these beautiful stories with the rest of her peers back home and hopefully with her new ones in Arizona.




Shell Elijah


Roles: Nana (Ep. 1), Manaongson (Ep. 3)

Shell was born and raised on Guam. She graduated from the Academy of our Lady of Guam and Marquette University. She currently resides in Spring, Texas, with her husband and kids.

Shell is a technologist and business strategist. She has worked on improving the customer experience within Fortune 500 companies for the last 25 years. One of her life missions is to keep the Chamorro culture alive for future generations. She is so excited to be a part of this cast for that very reason.

Instagram and TikTok: @chamoritatexan


Curtis J. Jewell


Roles: Alex - PYF (Ep. 1), Beautiful Young Man, Other Dude, Other Villager (Ep. 5)

Born in Guam but raised in the Pacific Northwest, Curtis obtained his bachelor’s degree from Portland State University while researching narratology and the ethical representation of historically marginalized and voiceless communities. His work took him to Purdue University where he began work as the Assistant Director for Multilingual Writing and traveled to Barranquilla, Colombia as part of a collaborative research project on translingualism. Curtis continues his research in a doctoral program at Syracuse University exploring how researchers can use their work to honor the ongoing narratives, complicate the public understandings, and support the growth of individual and communal identities through community engagement.

Outside of scholarship, Curtis is the producer for the Fanachu! podcast. He applied to join this production because he believes in the power and value of CHamoru legends and that CHamoru stories need to be told by CHamoru voices.

Instagram and Twitter: @CurtisJJewell


Chloe Ayangco


Roles: Doctor (Ep. 1), Voiceover, Villager (Ep. 3)

Chloe is a graphic designer by day, but in her spare time, she is a singer, songwriter, musician, and loves to play FPS video games. Voice acting wasn’t originally on her radar, but through her love of singing Disney and Broadway songs and the encouragement of her husband and friends, she realized she wanted to try pursuing voice acting. She started by dubbing TikTok voice acting challenges and impressions, and it has been one of the most fun and liberating things Chloe has ever done. She is an introvert at heart, so being a part of these podcast plays is a nerve-wracking but exciting step for her. Chloe is overjoyed to be a part of this incredible production!



J Hafa Adai


Roles: Puntan (Ep. 1, 4), Villager (Ep. 2, 3), Dude (Ep. 5)

J spent 3 of his high school years as a member of the Guam Territorial Chorale. It was there that he first grew his love of the stage. An alumnus of SACS, he was cast in the acting/singing roles of Joseph and Jesus for a couple of SACS productions while he was attending UOG. He was also cast as Dichu in Peter Onedera’s full-length theatrical drama "I Lihenden I Matan Hånom."

After graduating Valedictorian of his graduating class at UOG, J made the classroom his stage. It was during a hiatus from the profession that J took on magic as a serious hobby as a magic understudy to Ric Heath. This is where the stage name J Hafa Adai was born. Magician friend Jeremy Stortro later facilitated the meeting of J with Hank Rice. Hank officially recognized J as his apprentice and that began a very involved education on how to be a much better comedy magician. J is currently among the performing magician rotation at Biba Magic at the Westin. He also is a teacher with the 2nd Chance Project and is servicing the students of JP Torres Success Academy.

J’s involvement with BWTC began with season 1 of the podcast plays. Always happy to voice act, J lent his voice to all 5 episodes of season 1.


Sara Untalan

they/them/theirs, she/her/hers

Roles: Fu'una (Ep. 1, 4), Linda (Ep. 5)

Sara was born and raised in Guåhan and is currently living in O’ahu. She graduated with a degree in Theatre at UOG. She loves to act and paint her face. Right now, she’s learning to weave and surf, and she’s looking for more ways to stay connected to her island while exploring the world. She told her cat Fu’una that she was cast as Fu’una, but she didn’t care.


Jennifer Rose Joy


Roles: Narrator / Taotaomona, Nånan Biha (Ep. 2)

Jennifer Rose Joy (familian Ungacta yan Benavente) was born and raised in Guam, is mom to four amazing children, and resides in Taiwan where she is a voice artist, early childhood music specialist, and worship leader. She strives to live joyfully and creatively and inspire others to do the same. Follow her creative endeavors on Instagram @fanadingan and


Rayah Julian


Roles: Mariano/Nano (Ep. 2), Rita (Ep. 5)

Rayah, better known as "RayRay" in the theatre community, is attending the University of Guam in the pursuit of her degree in Psychology. She is proud to be working once again for Breaking Wave Theatre Co.

Her love for all things theatre has given her the opportunity to not only stage manage but also act. Her previous works include Rodger and Hammerstein’s: Cinderella, Mamma Mia, Comfort, and Unspoken: A Mental Health Anthology.

Instagram: @guinaiyapix


Sophiae Igmen


Roles: Marikita/Kita (Ep. 2), Gardener (Ep. 3)

Sophiea is a seven year-old military child, born in San Diego, California. She has lived in several different locations including Naples, Italy, Guam, and soon, Iwakuni, Japan. Sophiea is in several after-school activities such as gymnastics, culture club, and Girl Scouts. Ever since she was little, she's always expressed a love for acting and was incredibly excited to take part in her first ever acting role in The Legend of Guåhan. Sophiea wishes to further her acting career and hopes for many more productions to come!


Ursula Herrera


Roles: Nana (Ep. 2), Fatangis, Villager (Ep. 3)

Ursula Herrera, is an herbalist and traditional medicine practitioner who grew up in Tomhom. She is poksai biha, raised by her grandmother, who taught her how to pick åmot and make healing teas, instilling within her a passion to perpetuate sacred CHamoru healing traditions. Ursula earned a Bachelor of Science in Herbal Science from Bastyr University in 2006, with the intention to move back to Guåhan and study CHamoru medicinal plants. She has been blessed to have apprenticed with CHamoru healers. In her free time, she loves making healing herbal infusions, catching the greenflash at sunset, and beaching it with her little family. Her favorite artist is her son Ifit, who is also an amazing seed saver. Ursula works at The Department of Agriculture as a program coordinator, and loves to visit the ko'ko and sihek birds during her breaks. Her favorite flower is the Ifit flower.


Ifit San Nicolas


Roles: Patricio (Ep. 2)

Ifit San Nicolas is a third grader loves learning about science, math, and CHamoru culture. He is a fluent CHamoru speaker, wants to become an engineer, and wants to work for the Department of Agriculture when he grows up. His favorite artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat and his favorite fruit is to'a mango. He enjoys playing video games, assembling LEGOs, and collecting seeds to grow later with his daddy.

He loves drawing, playing with his dog Åhu, and helping his mommy in the kitchen while she makes his all-time favorite dish, bolognese.


Nicolas Quinata


Roles: Father (Ep.2), Villager, Chaife (Ep. 4), Other Other Villager, The Fish (Ep. 5)

Nicolas Quinata is a chef and content creator. He recently played Don Pedro in BWTC's production of "Much Ado About Nothing." Nicolas has also acted previously in several UOG productions. He is excited to be a part of the Legends of Guåhan Podcast Plays.


Savannah Mariano


Roles: Bonita (Ep. 2)

Savannah Mariano, 5 years old. A rebellious Aquarian, Savannah has always moved to the beat of her own drum. Just like her brother Damon, you can always find Savannah at the dinner table working on her arts and crafts. When she is not coloring, singing, or playing dress up, you can always find Savannah recreating a dance she learned from TikTok or sprinting in open fields just for fun. This is Savannah’s first acting opportunity and she is excited to make her debut with the Breaking Wave Theatre Family.


Damon Mariano


Roles: Tonton (Ep. 2)

Damon Mariano, 9 years old. A gentle Pisces, Damon has always been a fan of expressing himself through the different art forms. When he is not singing or dancing you can find him painting, drawing, playing his video games, collecting stickers, or scoring goals on the soccer field. This is Damon’s first acting opportunity and he is excited to make his debut with the Breaking Wave Theatre Family.


Ed Suarez


Roles: Villager (Ep. 2), Tailagua (Ep. 3)

Ed is an aspiring voice actor. He's always been a fan of BWTC, so decided to audition for the Podcast Plays and is excited to be a part of this production.


Michelle Blas


Roles: Taisamay (Ep. 3)

Michelle is just a simple Island girl, Guam born and bred. Lover of theater, practitioner of theater when she has the honor and opportunity to participate. Mother of two unique souls, wife and teacher, hoping her presence, love, and attempts at authenticity in her connections helps this planet and the creatures on it. A God Sovereign Free soul traveling through the cosmos. I am that, I am. There is more, but what precedes is what truly matters.


Breanna-Rose Davis Baza


Roles: Auntie Bobbie, Maria, Naile (Ep. 5)

A UOG art student from the southern village of Talo'fo'fo' with a passion for protecting Guåhan's Chamoru cultural heritage through the arts. Wife, mother, and business owner of Magof Piñatas, Bree looks forward to making impactful, heartfelt connections with her island community using her artistic abilities. She hopes to someday have the confidence to sing in a musical on a real stage. For now, she is dabbling in voice acting and appreciating Breaking Wave Theatre Company for allowing her to be a part of something entertaining, important and unifying.

Facebook: Breanna Davis Baza

Instagram: @magof.pinatas, @breannabaza

Thank You to Our Supporters and Sponsors

This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency, Government of Guam, and the Office of the Governor. Special thanks to our sponsors - AltrxEgo Entertainment, Bank of Guam, T-Factory, Coast 360, Future Smiles Orthodontics, and the University of Guam College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.