Episode 4: Chaife's Lost Soul

“Chaife’s Lost Soul” written by J.D. Anderson and directed by Joyce Torres explores the legend of Chaife, weaving it with the story of Puntan and Fu’una. Featuring voice acting by Nicolas Quinata (Chaife), J Hafa Adai (Puntan), and Sara Untalan (Fu'una).

Content Warnings: Strong Adult Language, Death, Brief reference to suicidal ideation

For support surrounding this, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

For more on the story of the Chaife's Lost Soul, check out Guampedia.

A Note from the Author

J.D. Anderson

Growing up on Guam, I never really heard much about Chaife. There was only one tale in existence that I have read and only a few songs where he is mentioned- most of which depict him as a malevolent being. I decided that it wasn't quite fair to do so without hearing the WHOLE story. So, I wrote him as a misunderstood god. I gave him a story, with a twist.

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