Breaking Wave Theatre Company presents the first season of BWTC Podcast Plays. In this season, join us as we explore theatrical adaptations of our favorite Legends of Guåhan.

Please note that some episodes may have strong language and deal with sensitive topics.


Episode 1: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Sickness, Death, and brief mentions of PTSD

Episode 2: Famine, Sickness, Death

Episode 3: Pregnancy, References to sickness and abortion

Episode 4: Strong Adult Language, Death, Brief reference to suicidal ideation

Episode 5: Strong Adult Language, References to Sexual Assault, Alcohol Use, Brief Mention of Child Abuse


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-4673


Raycia Marie Charfauros - Episode 1: Puntan Yan Fu'una

Rayanna Guzman - Episode 2: I Trongkon Niyok

Robin Berl - Episode 3: A New Old Way of Life: A Trongkon Lemmai Adaptation

J.D. Anderson - Episode 4: Chaife’s Lost Soul

Reed Flores - Episode 5: the group of badass mermaids (and their maiden buddy) that saved a whole ass island as told by your Auntie Bobbie


Lauren Rivera, Shell Elijah, Curtis J. Jewell, Chloe Ayangco, J Hafa Adai, Sara Untalan, Jennifer Rose Joy, Rayah Julian, Sophiae Igmen, Ursula Herrera, Ifit San Nicolas, Nicolas Quinata, Savannah Mariano, Damon Mariano, Steph Balagot, Ed Suarez, Michelle Blas, and Breanna-Rose Davis Baza

Production Team

CJ Ochoco - Co-Producer

James Lee Aevermann - Co-Producer

Joyce Torres - Artistic Director / Director of Episodes 2 & 4

Sierra O'Neill - Assistant Producer / Director of Episodes 1 & 5

Jayna Shoda Meyer - Director of Episode 3

Grace Keh Gonzaga - Production Manager

Rheana Ochoco - Production Assistant

Chris Santiago - Development Producer

Rayanna Guzman - CHamoru Translator

Jerome Ocampo - Sound Designer

Alexandra Castro - Sound Assistant

Robert Wang - Sound Editor of Episodes 1, 3, &5

Jan Ramos - Sound Editor of Episodes 2 & 4

Ruzelle Almonds - Marketing Director

Steph Balagot - Graphic Designer

Joey Datuin - Assistant Graphic Designer

Want more Legends of Guåhan?

Check out CHamoru Legends: A Gathering of Stories at the UOG Press here.

Director's Note

Joyce Torres, Artistic Director

Since our beginnings, the sacredness of sharing stories has been our way of communicating with one another - it is how we continue to pass on knowledge, honor our mañaina, and gather as a family, as a community, and as a collective. Here at Breaking Wave Theatre Company, it has always been our mission to support our local artist community and to uplift our stories. We knew from our very beginnings that writing stories about Guam was always going to be a part of our journey as we forged ahead. We were just waiting for the right moments of opportunity and for the sparks of inspiration to present itself.

What was birthed through constant pivoting and trial and error during such an uncertain time, has proven to be one of our most fruitful offerings this season. Producing the podcast plays during a pandemic - from gathering writers, to hosting writing workshops, to casting and rehearsing the one acts, to recording the actors voices, to editing the podcast plays - all mostly online - has proven to us here at BWTC that with will power and intention, we could create pretty amazing things through our screens if we worked together. We found that even though we were in different parts of the world and in different time zones, whether it was in Guam, Hawaii, Taiwan. California, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Massachusetts, or the UK - we could still gather, share stories, and hold space for one another. We could be miles apart and still connect with each other's kåna as if we were in the same room.

It has been an honor and privilege to be able to witness the creation of this project from the start of the year, when it was just five writers in a message thread choosing a legend to be inspired by, to now, five produced podcast play episodes later (all fully produced and available anywhere podcast streaming is available).

These episodes have been a labor of love and after bula hours we are so excited to finally get to share them with you. To think, we used to think that we were entering uncharted territory. But now, we see that we have simply found our ways back home. Storytelling is in our blood. The hardest part was finding the beginning, but once the stories began we didn’t want them to end. These stories may not be told exactly the same way our nåna’s told us, but what’s a story without a few new twists and turns. Same same, but different.

In all the things we do, we hope you too arrive with an open heart and an open mind.

We can not wait to meet you at the sweet spot of a quiet room and a pair of comfy headphones. Or maybe it will be on the drive to Malesso’ or Humåtak. Or maybe it will be when the lights are down and the bluetooth speaker volume is up and you are unwinding for the day.

Wherever we end up meeting- we hope you get to hear from us soon.

Before I go, how does that favorite classic go? Oh, yes. Listen to the voices…

All you have to do is listen.

We’ll meet you there.

Thank You to Our Supporters and Sponsors

This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency, Government of Guam, and the Office of the Governor. Special thanks to our sponsors - AltrxEgo Entertainment, Bank of Guam, T-Factory, Coast 360, Future Smiles Orthodontics, and the University of Guam College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.