MALI’E’ • Tåno’ Uchan
created, directed, and performed by Dakota Camacho

MALI’E is a cultural resurgence project engaging performance research as a methodology to explore indigenous worldviews and empower Matao-CHamoru communities to embody liberation with ancestral knowing.

MALI’E’ explores new forms of Matao/CHamoru creativity inspired by ancestral technology of Mali’e’. Now-a-days called kåntan chamorrita, historically called Mali’e’, the art form serves to reveal & record  ‘what has been seen’ by the people. Embodied musicality takes shape as oral history and prophecy converge. 


As a vessel for ongoing knowledge development, MALI'E takes life through iterative, multi-disciplinary, community creative initiatives in the homeland of Låguas and Sanlagu (abroad). 

Tåno’ Uchan is the first iteration of the project and began as a solo exploration and evolved into a journey with brilliant artists and cultural practitioners collaborating on a collective vision. MALI’E’ is currently being stewarded by thirteen core artists, half of which are based in Guåhan and the other half are based gi Sanlagu. In addition to being a contributing artist, si Jeremy Cepeda has served as a language and cultural advisor for the project. 

MALI’E’ will be presenting an exciting series of community activations in Summer 2023. 

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Ásaina I Yahúlulo’ Migai Ma’åse nu hókkokok ha’ na un na’guahåyi hit. 

Yo’åse lokkue’ nu hókkokok ha’ na taotao siha na chumachalåni yu’ gi ináfa’maolek na chålan: si Josefa Anderson Camacho, si Felix Guerrero Camacho, Carmen Alcantara-Camacho, Vincent Camacho, Austin Alcantara-Camacho, DeAnn Alcantara-Camacho Thompson, Elizabeth Camacho Morris, Jarina Morris, Trinity Camacho, and the Camacho family, Squi Qui Ray Williams, One with Creation & the Indigenous Mind Circle, Snohomish, Swinomish, Schwdab and dxʷdəwʔabš Peoples, Ancestors, Lands, Waters and Life Ways, Ann Holmes Redding, Gabriel Teodros, Khalil Equiano, Geo Quibuyen,  Rahwa & Asmaret Habte & the whole Hidmo Family, Luvziminda Carpenter, Bayan-USA Seattle, Communities Against Rape and Abuse, YouthSpeaks Seattle, Washington Asian Pacific Islander Families Against Substance Abuse, Rafael/a Luna Pizano, Jeremy Cepeda, I Fanlalai’an Oral History Project, Kalpulli Tlaloktekuhtli, Grupo Capoeira Angola Palmares Seattle, !gun Koeb, Orbitron, Dani Tirrel, the Seattle Breaking and House Dance community, the Golden Eagle that visited me on the eagle mound at Te Jop, Mario Teuillo, The Rainbow Portal that opened up over Moanalua, Starr Kalahiki her papa and mama and her ohana, auntie Pua Case, Jack Gray, Te Whanau A Atamira, Te Hira Kawai, Charles Koroneho, Matiu Hamuera, Tawera Tahuri, Matawhero Lloyd, El Movimiento Estudantil Chicanx De Aztlan de Madison, Wisconsin, the Arkiology Edutainment Network, Gi Matan Guma’, and so many more ancestors, people, lands, and encounters than can be written out here. 


Sound Design:

si Dakota Camacho with support from Micah Manaitai, and Ian Coss

I Linalai Siha:

Manetnon Hit tinige’ nu as Jeremy Cepeda; 

Fina’tinayuyot Tinige’ nu as si Jeremy Cepeda yan si Dakota Camacho, yan i Fina’lålai nu as Dakota Camacho; 

In Neni Hamyo’ tinige’ nu as Jeremy Cepeda; 

In This Together tinige’ nu as Gabriel Teodros; 

Hydroplanin’ tinige’ nu as Khingz

Na’fangahåya Ham tinige nu as Jeremy Cepeda 

Burnt Offering tinige’ nu as Blue Scholars (Geologic/Prometheus Brown & Sabzi) 

Tåno’ Uchan tinige’ nu as Dakota Camacho Dinandåni nu as Micah Manaitai 

“I Search through the Star Maps” tinige’ nu as Dakota Camacho

Chalan Isa tinige’ nu as Dakota Camacho 


Si Joseph Certeza 


Home video footage of Håfa Adai Island Dance Troupe provided by my father Vincent Camacho. 

Special Thanks to Synergy Studios for their support with rehearsal space! 

MALI’E’ • Tåno’ Uchan has received development support from On the Boards (dxʷdəwʔabš Territory, Seattle, WA), Artist Trust (dxʷdəwʔabš Territory, Seattle, WA), Native Earth (T:karon’to/Toronto Canada), Raven Spirit Dance, (Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil Waututh Territory), Meklit Hadero’s MIGRATION project, & the Western Arts Alliance. ​

Dakota Camacho

Dakota Camacho is a multi-disciplinary artist / researcher working in spaces of indigenous life ways, performance, musical composition, community engagement, and education.

Camacho holds a Masters of Arts in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in Gender & Women's Studies as a First Wave Urban Arts and Hip Hop Scholar. 

Camacho was a chanter, adjunct instructor, and a core researcher for I Fanlalai'an Oral History Project based at the University of Guåhan. 

Camacho co-founded I Moving Lab, an inter-national, inter-cultural, inter-tribal, and inter-disciplinary arts collective that creates community and self-funded arts initiatives to engage and bring together rural & urban communities, Universities, Museums, & performing arts institutions. 

Camacho has worked at festivals, universities, and community organizations as a public speaker, facilitator, composer and performer across Turtle Island (USA), Aotearoa (New Zealand), Australia, Sweden, and South Africa.