Frequently Asked Questions

How is your company addressing the COVID19 global pandemic?

Due to quarantine restrictions on the island of Guam and the continued risk of COVID-19, we have committed to staying fully virtual for the remainder of 2020. All events, workshops, and meetings will take place on online platforms.

As we approach 2021, we will continue to monitor the situation on Guam and around the world. Should there be an opportunity to begin meeting in person next year, we will establish and evaluate plans to do theatre safely. In the meantime, we look forward to figuring out creative ways to do the arts virtually with the community.

Why do your biographies include pronouns?

BWTC members have the option to share their pronouns because we believe this is an important way to acknowledge and affirm each other's gender identities. The practice of sharing pronouns has been implemented into our BWTC gatherings for those that are comfortable. For a guide to sharing pronouns from the LGBTQIA Resource Center, please click here.

Where can I purchase tickets for your events and how much do they cost?

Ticket costs vary by event. For more information on how to purchase tickets, you can contact us at tickets@bwtcguam.com.

What is the audition format for your productions?

For Acting roles, we prefer auditionees to arrive with a memorized one-minute monologue of their choice. However, we always have sample monologues available to choose from at the audition site. The director may also ask for a cold-reading of an excerpt of the script, with or without scene partners.

For Singing roles, we ask for up to 16-bars or one-minute of a song with a Minus-1 provided on a device (with headphone jack) or emailed to info@bwtcguam.com prior to auditions.

For Dancing roles, we ask that auditionees dress comfortably for a group audition in which the choreographer will demonstrate a short routine and have them learn and perform it to the best of their ability.

Please be prepared to spend one to two hours at the auditions, as you may be called to read with other auditionees.